Study Guide

Brave New World Chapter 10

By Aldous Huxley

Chapter 10

  • Back in London, the lively sound (BUZZ!) of the busy worker bees (metaphor) fills the hive (more metaphor) of the Hatchery and Conditioning Centre.
  • We also feel obligated to bring you the following detail: children are busy at their erotic play, such as "hunt the zipper."
  • The Director, looking quite grumpy, meets with Henry Foster. They are discussing Bernard Marx.
  • Foster ventures that Bernard does his job well, but the Director says that, because of his intelligence, Bernard has a greater social responsibility. It is better for one individualin this case, Bernardto suffer than for many men to be corrupted by his ideas. All in the name of Society.
  • Speak of the devil; here comes Bernard.
  • The Director stops everyone within shouting distance from their work. They all listen to a public announcement proclaiming, essentially, that Bernard is a jerk. He has betrayed his social responsibilities. He concludes by asking Bernard if there's any good reason that he not be banished to Iceland, ASAP.
  • Bernard says, "Actually, yes," and he brings Linda in from the hallway. Of course, she's old and overweight, so everyone is disgusted, but none so much as the Director, whom she immediately embraces as her old flame.
  • The Director tries to deny everything ("That ain't my baby!") when Linda tells him that she had a child.
  • As if that were not bad enough, John comes in from the hallway and is all, "Daddy!" The workers are in an uproar because they think this is all some hilarious joke.
  • The Director, not quite the calm, tactful gentlemen, runs away.

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