Study Guide

Breakfast at Tiffany's Chapter 15

By Truman Capote

Chapter 15

  • That night, Joe Bell shows up with the newspapers in hand, clearly freaking out about how much trouble Holly is in. He asks the narrator if he believes the stories about her, to which the narrator replies "yes," and this infuriates Joe (remember that the man's a little in love with Holly). The narrator clarifies that he doesn't think "she was involved knowingly" (15.4), but he reminds Joe that she did go visit Sally every week and that she did return with messages for O'Shaughnessy.
  • Joe wants to find someone, anyone, to help Holly. He suggests that the narrator call Rusty Trawler, but the narrator refuses. He eventually calls O.J. Berman (the Hollywood agent from the beginning of the novel), but he can't get a hold of him. Joe keeps pressing the narrator to call Rusty, and when he finally does he ends up talking to Mag, who is less than sympathetic toward Holly: "My husband and I will positively sue anyone who attempts to connect our name with that ro-ro-rovolting and de-de-degenerate girl" (15.8).
  • The narrator realizes that Holly really doesn't have a lot of people in her life she can depend on, but he tries O.J. Berman one more time and finally gets in touch with him. It seems he's already heard about Holly's trouble and has hired the best lawyer in New York to defend her. He tells the narrator that Holly's bail will be posted and she'll get out of jail that night.