Study Guide

Breakfast at Tiffany's Chapter 19

By Truman Capote

Chapter 19

  • The newspapers start reporting Holly as missing (or even murdered), but then they eventually learn that she's in Rio. The police don't try to find her, and soon Holly isn't really big news anymore. No one hears from her from months and the apartment owner sells all of her stuff and rents her apartment to a new guy who "entertained as many gentleman callers of a noisy nature as Holly ever had" (19.1).
  • The narrator finally gets a postcard from Holly, who tells him that she's made her way to Buenos Aires, that she's fallen in love with a married man who has seven kids, and that she doesn't have an address yet but she'll send it when she gets one.
  • The narrator never hears from her after this, and this saddens him since "there [is] so much he want[s] to write her" (19.1). He wants to tell her about the stories he's sold, about Mag and Rusty's nasty divorce, about moving out of the apartment "because it was haunted" (19.1). And he wants to tell her that he did find her cat after searching and searching. On "one cold sun-shiny Sunday winter afternoon" (19.1), he sees the cat "in the window of a warm-looking room" (19.1). He wants to know what the cat's name is since he's "certain he ha[s] one now" (19.1), and he's also "certain he'[s] arrived somewhere he [belongs]" (19.1).
  • The narrator's final thought is about Holly, and he hopes that she has found the place where she belongs as well.