Study Guide

Breaking Dawn Book 1, Chapter 3

By Stephenie Meyer

Book 1, Chapter 3

Big Day

  • Bella wakes up from her nightmare. She's disturbed that she had such a dream the night before her wedding, and tries to shake it off.
  • Alice takes Bella to the Cullen house to get her ready for the wedding. Bella still doesn't know where Edward is taking her on their honeymoon. Alice lets it slip that Bella will be on a plane, and she already packed her clothes for her. Knowing Alice's "risqué" taste, Bella takes the favor with a grain of salt. She refrains from looking into the mirror, because she believes she's going to look plain next to Edward.
  • During the beautification process, Renée and Charlie come to see Bella. They hand her a small, white box with her Grandma Swan's silver hair combs inside. Bella thanks them, very touched.
  • When Bella first sees Edward waiting for her at the altar, she has to control herself to not bolt into his arms:

    All I really saw was Edward's face… he broke into a breathtaking smile of exultation… Suddenly, it was only the pressure of Charlie's hand on mine that kept me from sprinting headlong down the aisle. (3.115-116).

  • Edward and Bella say their vows. At their request, the priest concludes with the line "as long as they both shall live." After they say, "I do," and kiss as husband and wife, their family and friends surround them to congratulate them.