Study Guide

Breaking Dawn Book 1, Chapter 4

By Stephenie Meyer

Book 1, Chapter 4


  • As the wedding festivities proceed in full swing, Bella and Edward dance together in the garden of the Cullen residence. Edward notices a figure standing off in the dark of the surrounding forest. It's Jacob.
  • Bella and Jacob reunite. They dance together. Jacob tries his best to keep the conversation cheerful. He teases her about her honeymoon, because he believes that she can't have a "real" honeymoon since Edward is a vampire. When Bella responds that she fully intends to have a "real" honeymoon, Jacob loses his temper and grabs her roughly.
  • Edward steps in, supported by Sam, Quil (in wolf form), and Seth (in human form).
  • Edward and Bella return to the party. Jacob's reaction causes Edward to second-guess his agreement to try to make love to Bella, but Bella tells him to stop worrying: "You and me. That's the only thing that matters" (4.228).
  • When it's time to go, Alice, Esme, and Renée help Bella change out of her wedding dress. Bella uses this moment to say good-bye to her mother. On the way out, she also bids farewell to Charlie:

    My father and mother could not be allowed to see me again; I would be too different, and much, much too dangerous. (4.280)

  • As Edward and Bella drive to the airport to embark on their honeymoon, Bella hears the heartbreaking howl of a wolf growing fainter and fainter in the distance.