Study Guide

Breaking Dawn Book 1, Chapter 6

By Stephenie Meyer

Book 1, Chapter 6


  • To distract Bella from wanting to have sex, Edward fills the day with plenty of physical activity, which causes Bella to eat a lot and sleep a lot. And during the time in between those things, she schemes on how to get Edward to make love to her again. Knowing how much he values her human life, she promises him to stay human for at least another year if he'll make love to her again. No luck.
  • Bella has recurring nightmares about the immortal boy, threatened by the Volturi. In her dreams, she has no option but to save him. She keeps her nightmare a secret from Edward to keep from upsetting him.
  • One night, Bella awakes from a vivid dream of her and Edward making love. She begs him, her desire bordering on sheer pain, until he can no longer resist her. They make love. This time Edward manages to not harm or bruise Bella. He explains that now that he knows what to expect, he finds it easier to control himself.
  • While Edward and Bella watch a movie, the cleaning staff, Kaure and Gustavo, arrives. Kaure seems to know Edward's "nature." She believes he's a "blood-drinking demon who preys exclusively on beautiful women" (6.184). Obviously, she thinks that Edward's no good for Bella.