Study Guide

Breaking Dawn Book 1, Chapter 7

By Stephenie Meyer

Book 1, Chapter 7


  • Bella again dreams about the Volturi advancing on her. For the first time, she doesn't feel fear. "I was hungry for it. I wanted them to charge" (7.4). She awakens to find that Edward has left to go hunting. She's again filled with cravings for food, but then feels sick afterwards.
  • In the morning, Bella still feels nauseous. She also realizes that her period is late. She puts two and two together: the sleeping, eating, and baby dreams, and then she discovers a "small but defined bump" on her stomach.
  • Oops! Could that mean she's pregnant? But how? Replaying her research about vampire legends in her mind, she remembers one story that mentioned the ability of male vampires to procreate with female humans. That's when the bump nudges her.
  • Alice calls, because she "saw" Bella and her bump. Since Edward is frozen with shock, Bella speaks with Carlisle, who tells her to return home at once. Edward comes back to his senses, promising Bella that they'll get rid of that "thing" as soon as they get home. Bella thinks of the child as their baby, "with Edward's eyes… lying fair and beautiful in my arms" (7.143).
  • Kaure arrives with dinner. She witnesses Bella throwing up in the sink, and notices her baby bump. She launches a tirade at Edward in a foreign language. Edward asks Kaure questions, and by the end of the conversation, he's in severe pain and agony. Before Kaure leaves, she places her hand on Bella's stomach and sighs "morte" – meaning "death" in Portuguese.
  • Afraid that Edward will hurt the baby, Bella secretly calls Rosalie for help before a boat picks them up to start their journey home.