Study Guide

Breaking Dawn Book 2, Chapter 12

By Stephenie Meyer

Book 2, Chapter 12

Some People Just Don't Grasp The Concept Of "Unwelcome"

  • Much to their frustration, Leah joins Jacob and Seth. Although she's not fan of vampires, she claims she needs to look after Seth, her younger brother. Plus, she's excited to be away from Sam's pack, because she still suffers from being his "pathetic ex-girlfriend."
  • Leah reveals that Sam plans to first talk to the Quileute tribe elders before launching an attack.
  • At the Cullen house, Carlisle thanks Jacob for protecting their family. He explains to Jacob that Bella is like a daughter to him. He believes that the right thing to do is to respect her decision to have the baby.
  • Carlisle explains that he discovered that the genetic make-up of vampires and humans is more similar than he thought, which made it possible for Bella and Edward to produce a baby.
  • He also reveals to Jacob that the baby is destroying her because her body rejects any form of nutrition to feed the fetus. Jacob muses that the baby probably wants blood instead of food.
  • Hearing Jacob's thoughts, Edward suggests that they try feeding Bella human blood. Since he's a doctor, Carlisle has a large supply of donated blood in the house. Bella takes her first vampire-ish act with humor: "Practice for the future, right?" (12.221).