Study Guide

Breaking Dawn Book 2, Chapter 8

By Stephenie Meyer

Book 2, Chapter 8

Waiting For The Fight To Start Already

  • Jacob and Paul hang out at Jacob's house. During their conversation, we learn that Paul imprinted on Jacob's sister, Rachel, when she visited at the end of the summer. Another one down. Four out of ten pack members have now imprinted.
  • Jacob's thoughts run wild with scenarios of how Bella and Edward will break the news of her "death" to Charlie. He holds Edward responsible for Bella's choice to become a vampire, and works himself into such a rage until all he can think of is to kill Edward. But Sam, the Alpha wolf, decided the wolves wouldn't attack without a clear breach of treaty by the Cullens.
  • Down at the beach, Jacob comes across Quil and Claire. Quil describes what he did for Claire's third birthday. Quil has imprinted on Claire, and their mutual love for each other is obvious. When Jacob asks Quil if he's ever considered dating, Quil explains that he's not interested in other girls anymore. "I don't see their faces" (8.104).
  • When Quil suggests to him to start dating, though, Jacob responds with the same answer. He sees no one but Bella.
  • Alarmed by Sam's howl, the wolves gather in the forest. They learn that Bella's dad, Charlie, called Jacob's father, Billy Black, to tell him that Bella had returned home early from her honeymoon, sick with some rare disease.
  • Convinced that the disease is just an excuse for Bella's transformation into a vampire, Jacob calls the wolves to attack. Once again, Sam orders them to wait until they have evidence.
  • Jacob defies Sam's orders, challenging him to make him "a slave." Sam lets him go and Jacob takes off to fight the Cullens alone. "Nope, the pack wasn't attacking anyone today. But I was" (8.219).