Study Guide

Breaking Dawn Book 3, Chapter 22

By Stephenie Meyer

Book 3, Chapter 22


  • On their way back from the woods, Bella asks Edward to tell her about their daughter. Edward describes their baby as unique and says that she possesses attributes from them both. Bella can't help feeling jealous that Edward knows the baby so well.
  • Edward also tells Bella that Renesmee is warm-blooded, just a bit above human temperature and that her heartbeat is a little faster. He hints at her special ways of communicating, but doesn't elaborate.
  • Bella also senses that there's some secret as to Jacob's relationship with the baby that Edward's keeping from her.
  • Jacob volunteers to be the first human to face Bella to test if she's ready to see Renesmee. Jacob seems to accept the new Bella, launching right into their usual playful banter. "I gotta say it, Bells. You're a freak show" (22.58). Turning serious, he adds that she's still the Bella he knows, even though she looks a little different.
  • Now that Bella has passed the test, she's allowed into the house. The whole family stands guard, as Bella approaches Rosalie, who's holding her baby.
  • Bella is startled by her daughter's beauty, but she also realizes that the baby is twice the size of what she remembered. Upon seeing her mother, Renesmee reaches out to Bella. When the family still hesitates, Edward tells them about Bella's composure in the woods when they crossed a human scent. Everyone is stunned, especially Jasper.
  • When Renesmee starts to cry for Bella, reaching for her, something clicks in Bella and she reacts as any mother would. She takes her daughter into her arms. Although Jacob allows Bella to hold her, he doesn't let go of the baby.
  • When the baby touches Bella's face, Bella sees images of herself after giving birth to Renesmee. When the baby drops her hand from Bella's face, the images disappear. Edward explains that Renesmee can show her thoughts to others by touching their face. He believes that Renesmee was trying to show Bella that she knows Bella is her mother.
  • Bella tells Renesmee that she remembers her too and kisses her gently on the forehead.
  • Jacob cuts the reunion short by saying they have pushed Bella enough. Annoyed, Bella demands to know what his deal is with Renesmee. As she looks at him – an image of serenity as he's with the baby – it all falls into place. She realizes that Jacob has imprinted on her daughter.
  • Bella snaps. Edward restrains her and orders Rosalie to take Renesmee from the room. Seth and Leah appear as wolves to protect Jacob. Jacob claims that there was nothing he could do and mentions, in his defense, that it was Bella who said that her family wasn't complete without him.
  • Bella doesn't care. She tells him to leave immediately and to leave Renesmee alone. Jacob responds: "C'mon, Bells! Nessie likes me, too" (22.261).
  • The fact that Jacob nicknamed her beloved daughter after the Loch Ness Monster puts Bella over the top. She lunges for Jacob's throat.