Study Guide

Breaking Dawn Book 3, Chapter 23

By Stephenie Meyer

Book 3, Chapter 23


  • Seth is hurt. We learn that he jumped in front of Bella as she attacked Jacob, ending up with a broken collarbone and shoulder in the process. Edward apologizes for Bella, but won't let her apologize for acting like a newborn. Carlisle patches up Seth, assuring Bella and Edward that he'll be fine in no time.
  • Edward and Carlisle fill Bella in on what she missed during her transformation The feud with the werewolf pack has been resolved, as the number one rule in the pack states that no wolf can harm another wolf's imprint. That means that Renesmee is untouchable and will be protected by the wolves.
  • Also, since Jacob, as the "rightful Alpha," allowed Bella's transformation, the treaty remains intact. It also turned out that the alphas of each pack (Sam and Jacob) can communicate with each other in wolf form, yet they can decide which thoughts they wish to share.
  • As much as Bella is grateful to Jacob, she still has trouble accepting his relationship with Renesmee.
  • With the werewolf issue resolved, Bella ponders the next one: Charlie. Charlie has been anxiously contacting the Cullens to find out about Bella's uncertain condition. The Cullens feel that the best thing to do is to move away for a while.
  • Bella misses Charlie, though, and hopes that once she's in full control of her killer instincts, she'll be able to reunite with Charlie. She really doesn't want to leave Forks. She wonders how long could Jacob go without being near Renesmee.
  • Watching Carlisle monitor Renesmee's rapid growth, Bella fears that if her daughter's growth continues like this, her life span will be very short. Jacob maintains that her growth is beginning to slow.
  • Again, Renesmee reaches for Bella and Rosalie hands her over. Renesmee "shows" Bella her attack on Jacob. Bella realizes how possessive Renesmee feels toward Jacob.
  • When Renesmee remembers drinking blood from a cup, Edward snatches Renesmee away from Bella and Jasper holds her back. It turns out, Edward feared the image of blood would trigger Bella's killer instinct. Surprise, surprise – it didn't. Jasper starts to question his own beliefs and experiences with newborns and his own thirst and self-control.
  • Carlisle suggests that Bella's self-control might be a manifestation of her special gift. This instills hope in Bella that she might be able to see Charlie again, and soon.
  • When Alice, Esme, Emmett, and Jasper return from hunting, they surprise Bella with a birthday party to celebrate her human birthday.