Study Guide

Breaking Dawn Book 3, Chapter 31

By Stephenie Meyer

Book 3, Chapter 31


  • Eleazar discovers that Bella's private mind might actually be developed into a larger shield that could protect other people beyond herself. He mentions that Aro's bodyguard acts as a shield for him too.
  • Yet, her gift, much like the vast majority of special vampire gifts, operates inside the mind. Bella realizes that if she really could include other people into her "strange, quirky silent head," she could protect Renesmee and Edward from harm.
  • Kate, who has the offensive skill of projecting an electric current on her skin, tells Bella that at first she only felt it in her palms, but that after a lot of practice she can now radiate the current all over her body.
  • Edward and Eleazar continue to discuss the Volturi's motivations. Eleazar realizes that the Volturi have often waged wars in the name of justice only to collect vampires with special skills into their fold. In short, Eleazar suggests that the Volturi decided to mobilize their entire army because their goal is not punishment but acquisition.
  • Bella's mind flashes to an image of Edward and Alice in black cloaks with blood red eyes. She now wonders if Alice left to keep her skills out of Aro's power.