Study Guide

Breaking Dawn Book 3, Chapter 39

By Stephenie Meyer

Book 3, Chapter 39

The Happily Ever After

  • Celebrating the victory, Edward explains that it was a combination of things that led to their success, but really it all boiled down to Bella's powerful shield. She saved the day.
  • But he mentions that although the Volturi's confidence is shattered, they might come back one day. Their friends promised that they will all stand together against them if that time comes.
  • Edward and Jacob have now officially become close friends, and Bella and Edward have made peace with Jacob imprinting on Renesmee.
  • When the Cullen friends leave to return to their covens, Nahuel, the vampire hybrid, and his companion stay. Nahuel keeps staring at Bella, which makes her feel uncomfortable. When she tells Edward, he explains to her that it's because she is alive:

    He's always thought of himself as an evil creation, a murderer by nature. His sisters all killed their mothers as well, but they thought nothing of it. Joham raised them to think of the humans as animals, while they were gods. It shaped his whole perspective. And, in some ways, he truly hated himself. (39.91)

  • When he saw Bella, Nahuel realized that being half immortal doesn't mean he's inherently evil.
  • Bella's excited to see Charlie again. She's happy that he found a great match in Sue Clearwater – the werewolf's mom with the vampire's dad.
  • Most importantly, Bella is happy that she'll be with Edward, forever.
  • After they put Renesmee to sleep in the cottage, she reveals to Edward that she's been practicing her ability to push her shield outside of her mind. For the first time, Edward is able to read her thoughts and experience how much she really loves him. "No one's ever loved anyone as much as I love you," she tells him. "And then we continued blissfully into the small but perfect piece of our forever."