Study Guide

Breaking Dawn Choices

By Stephenie Meyer


As with all the books in the Twilight series, Breaking Dawn pitches individual choice against traditionally-set rules and group pressure. Throughout the story, the characters decide to trust and to stand by their own choices. Bella opts to sacrifice her life to give birth to her daughter Renesmee, acting against Edward, Jacob, and the majority of the Cullen family. Jacob, on the other hand, fights against his brother werewolves because he loves Bella and because he sees the Cullens as his friends, not his enemies. The right choice, it seems, arises out of an evaluation of unique, individual circumstances, not set rules.

Questions About Choices

  1. After the Romanians promise to stand with the Cullens in a fight against the Volturi, many of the Cullen friends declare their allegiance as well. Do you think they were partly motivated by peer pressure?
  2. At some point in the story, Jacob believes that if he just imprinted and had his choices taken away from him, it would make his life easier. Do you think that a life without choices is easier? Do you think there was any choice involved when he imprinted on Renesmee?
  3. If Bella had chosen to abort the baby, how would that have affected her relationship with Edward? If Bella had died giving birth to Renesmee, how would events have unfolded differently?
  4. What do you think of Jacob's choice to tell Charlie about the supernatural world surrounding him? What about Charlie and Bella's decision not to tell her mother?
  5. Bella often says that love doesn't give you options. If you love someone you'll do anything for that person. Do you think that's true?
  6. Every character in Breaking Dawn is faced with choices. Did any of the decisions they made surprise you and why?