Study Guide

Breaking Dawn Language and Communication

By Stephenie Meyer

Language and Communication

Breaking Dawn explores the advantages and disadvantages of communicating through thoughts, rather than spoken words. While telepathy is immediate and covers long distances, it also leaves no privacy or way to hide your thoughts. Alice deserts the Cullens after she foresees the coming fight with the Volturi, because she knows that Aro's telepathy will allow him to use her mental gifts to his advantage against the Cullens. Bella, on the other hand, saves the Cullens and their friends by shielding their minds from the Volturi's offenses.

Questions About Language and Communication

  1. Do you think that being able to read other people's thoughts is an asset or a disadvantage?
  2. Which character possesses the best communication-related mental gift?
  3. How would our world change if we could hear each other's thoughts?
  4. What's a more effective talent: Edward's ability to read thoughts, or Renesmee's ability to project her thoughts as images to others?