Study Guide

Breaking Dawn Sacrifice

By Stephenie Meyer


Many characters in Breaking Dawn believe that it's worth sacrificing their lives for what they believe. Jacob is prepared to fight against his own werewolf brothers because he believes that the Cullens are not his enemies. Many of Cullen friends are ready to die for their belief that the Cullens are innocent of breaking any of the Volturi laws. The werewolves are willing to sacrifice their lives to fight the Volturi, because they believe that it's their mission to protect their land and their loved ones from vampires. All of these characters' willingness to sacrifice themselves make them noble as compared to the Volturi, who are mostly concerned with power.

Questions About Sacrifice

  1. Do you think that it's worth sacrificing your life for your beliefs?
  2. Do you agree with Carlisle that Jacob's willingness to fight against Sam's pack for the Cullens would be a wrong sacrifice to make?
  3. Jacob accuses Rosalie of sacrificing Bella's life for Renesmee's. Do you think he's right? Which choice might Bella have made if Rosalie had been pregnant?
  4. Some critics believe that Bella gets everything she's ever wanted in the end of the story without making enough sacrifices. What do you think?