Study Guide

Breaking Dawn Suffering

By Stephenie Meyer


Pain and love are inextricably connected in Breaking Dawn. Characters suffer because their love isn't returned, they suffer because their loved ones are in pain, and they suffer from feeling too much love for another person. Yet, they all come to realize that feeling love is worth experiencing the pain that comes with it. For example, Jacob maintains his love for Bella until the end of her human life and into her new vampire life. And Bella endures the pain of her pregnancy and her following transformation because she loves her daughter.

Questions About Suffering

  1. What is the connection between mental and physical suffering for the characters in Breaking Dawn?
  2. Do characters in Breaking Dawn experience personal growth due to their pain?
  3. Why does Kate seem to enjoy hurting others with her gift to electrify her body?
  4. Jacob seems to believe that feeling the physical pain of hunger or thirst is easier to bear than emotional pain, like love. Does he have a point?