Study Guide

Breaking Dawn The Supernatural

By Stephenie Meyer

The Supernatural

In Breaking Dawn, the human and the supernatural worlds meet, which changes the lives of the characters forever. After Bella turns into a vampire, she notices that her human memories are fading in the face of her far more complex experience of the vampire world. When Jacob exposes Charlie to the supernatural world around him, the man struggles between denial and his wish to know the whole truth.

Questions About The Supernatural

  1. Bella mentions that she hopes that Charlie will make his own false assumptions about her new looks as a vampire. What "false assumptions" could she be thinking of, and what assumption do you think Charlie is making when he sees her for the first time after her transformation?
  2. What do you think is J. Jenks's take on the strange nature of the Cullens?
  3. Do you believe – as Bella does – that her life has been guided by magic, or supernatural powers, to where she ends up in Breaking Dawn?
  4. Do you believe that Bella will ever reveal the full truth to Charlie and how might he react if she does?