Study Guide

Breaking Stalin's Nose Chapter 19

By Eugene Yelchin

Chapter 19

  • The principal is giving a fiery speech about the criminals, terrorists and degenerates who have infiltrated the school and who have destroyed State property (the statue).
  • Sasha is sitting back and thinking, "Wait, what?" He knows it's not all this serious (since it was an accident and all), but can't say anything, since he's the only one who knows.
  • Oh, wait. Sasha realizes that Vovka also knows, and he looks around the gathering for his frenemy. He doesn't see him, so thinks that Vovka is somewhere up to more no good.
  • State Security shows up. One of Sasha's classmates thinks it's Sasha's dad.
  • Turns out, it's not Sasha's dad. Instead, it's the guy who arrested him the night before.