Study Guide

Breaking Stalin's Nose Chapter 21

By Eugene Yelchin

Chapter 21

  • After he watches Four-Eyes forcibly ushered into the sinister black car that's waiting, Sasha wonders why anyone would admit something they were not guilty of.
  • Cue up the Sasha Imaginarium Music. He imagines Four-Eyes walking up to the prison where he is given standard prison-issue striped pajamas and put into a cell. He wonders if Four-Eyes will see his (Four-Eyes's) father, and thinks that he might like to see such a reunion.
  • And then it dawns on Sasha: Four-Eyes admitted to a crime he did not commit because it was a way to get inside the prison to try to see his family.
  • This seems to make Sasha feel better, and he kind of praises himself for having a hand in getting Four-Eyes into the prison. He imagines that Four-Eyes will be super happy to get to have a good, old-fashioned Lubyanka prison family reunion. He even wonders if there are family cells in the prison. Hey, there's a sunny side to every street.
  • Things are looking up for Sasha. He's back on track to becoming a Pioneer, and is confident that he'll see his dad soon.
  • But Vovka pops his shiny happy little bubble by pointing out, totes sarcastically, that a Young Soviet Pioneer lets others take the blame.