Study Guide

Breaking Stalin's Nose Chapter 24

By Eugene Yelchin

Chapter 24

  • On his way back to class, Sasha notices that the broken statue has been taken away.
  • Not wanting to return to class yet, Sasha hangs out for a bit.
  • He spies on the Russian lit class, and hears the teacher lecturing on a Russian story called "The Nose," about a nose that dresses up in a uniform and behaves as if it's a high official.
  • Sasha doesn't really like the Russian lit teacher, Luzhko, because he's suspicious and doesn't act like other teachers.
  • Moseying along, Sasha worries about Vovka spilling the beans on him to the principal. Once he goes to the orphanage, Sasha realizes, he won't be trusted by anyone else anymore.
  • Right then and there, Sasha decides to run away.
  • He's stopped, though, when he runs smack into the State Security senior lieutenant.