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Breath, Eyes, Memory Book 1, Chapter 2

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Book 1, Chapter 2

  • At breakfast, Sophie remembers how Atie would always tell such good stories about the past. But now, she has to tell Sophie some other things.
  • Atie tells Sophie that she will be going to take care of her own mother in another part of Haiti once Sophie is in New York.
  • She also tells Sophie that her mother left her in Haiti because she didn't know what New York would be like and didn't want to risk Sophie's well being.
  • Atie tells Sophie how much she loves her and also Martine, Sophie's mother. She explains that a lot of things were out of their control when they were growing up… even their own bodies.
  • She wants to make sure that Sophie understands that any opportunity she has in life is due to her mother's efforts. Atie makes Sophie promise to behave once she gets to New York.
  • Atie finds Sophie's Mother's Day card and puts it near her plane ticket. She wants Sophie to give it to her mother personally when she gets to New York.

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