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Breath, Eyes, Memory Book 1, Chapter 4

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Book 1, Chapter 4

  • In the week before Sophie's departure, Atie makes herself scarce. Sophie doesn't see her all day long. She spends her time cleaning up the yard to surprise her auntie.
  • Atie tells her that she's working overtime to be able to give her extra gifts when she leaves.
  • Sophie sees a note written by Monsieur Augustin to Atie that says "I love you very much," but Atie can't read it.
  • She gives Sophie a yellow dress with daffodils embroidered on the collar to wear on her trip to New York. Atie makes Sophie promise to be strong (i.e. not to cry).
  • On the morning of the departure, Atie reassures Sophie that her mother really is a nice person. Sophie reads the Mother's Day card to Atie anyway—even though she insists it isn't hers.
  • Before they leave, Chabin (the lottery man), pops in to tell Atie she has won a small amount of money in the lottery. Atie claims that playing Martine's birthday brought her luck.
  • The taxi arrives to take them to the airport. There's no one else there to say goodbye.

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