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Breath, Eyes, Memory Book 1, Chapter 6

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Book 1, Chapter 6

  • Sophie and the boy awake when the plane arrives in New York. Sophie watches the traumatic reunion between the little boy and his aunt.
  • Her mother appears and bundles her into an old car to take her home. Sophie notices that her mother looks nothing like the picture back in Haiti. She's skinny and gaunt.
  • Martine asks after her sister and life in Haiti. She tells Sophie that Monsieur Augustin was supposed to marry Atie, but left her for his current wife.
  • Martine takes Sophie to her apartment, which is in a run-down neighborhood. She tells Sophie that she'll have to work hard to become educated, so that she'll be respected.
  • Although the apartment is kind of awful, Martine gives Sophie her room, which she's prepared carefully. She also gives Sophie a doll that she kept to remind her of her daughter.
  • Martine finds Sophie's Mother's Day card and reminisces about the daffodils in Haiti. She is glad to learn there are still so many there.
  • Sophie can't sleep that night. She hears her mother having a nightmare, and checks to see if she's all right. Martine tells Sophie that she'll never let her go again.
  • In the morning, when Sophie looks at herself in the mirror, she can tell that she's changed.

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