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Breath, Eyes, Memory Book 2, Chapter 10

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Book 2, Chapter 10

  • Sophie spends the evening out with her mother. She asks Martine if she'll ever go back to Haiti. Martine says that she'll have to go back to make her mother's final arrangements.
  • But she isn't psyched about going—too many bad memories for her there.
  • Sophie asks her mother if it's okay for her to date someone, now that she's over eighteen. Martine becomes suspicious and demands to know the name of the guy.
  • Sophie lies and tells her his name's Henry Napoleon—a good Haitian name. She tells him that he isn't even in New York, so Martine can't meet him.
  • Sophie tries to get on her mother's good side so that she doesn't get too suspicious of her love interest. She cooks all of her favorite foods.
  • Martine, meanwhile, asks around about the Napoleon family and learns that they're working poor. She isn't put off by this, since Henry's going to be a doctor.
  • Joseph's away for a long time, playing gigs around the country.
  • Martine still suffers from nightmares, and Sophie has to rescue her from them.

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