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Breath, Eyes, Memory Book 2, Chapter 11

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Book 2, Chapter 11

  • Sophie goes to hear Joseph play when he returns to Brooklyn. But he's going away again, to Florida. He gives Sophie a silver ring.
  • When he returns, but before leaving for Providence, he asks her to marry him. Sophie waffles in her answer.
  • She tells her mother that Henry Napoleon isn't going to work out. She seems suspicious.
  • And then, Sophie gets caught. She stays out too late one night with Joseph, and comes home to find her mother waiting for her.
  • Then, Martine decides to perform a virginity test on Sophie. She's distressed, to say the least. Her mother tells her the story of the Marassas, divine, twinned souls who were lovers.
  • Martine uses the story to springboard into a discussion about finding true love, a person who is closer than your marassa. But even then, love between mother and daughter is deeper.
  • She tells Sophie that she knows all her secrets—including her love for Joseph—and warns her not to give up a lifetime with her mother by going off with him.
  • Sophie is traumatized by the "test" and can think only of her Tante Atie screaming when her mother did the same thing to her.

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