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Breath, Eyes, Memory Book 3, Chapter 13

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Book 3, Chapter 13

  • Another time jump, and we're back in Haiti. Sophie returns with her baby daughter, Brigitte.
  • Her taxi driver's impressed with her flawless Creole and her beauty.
  • Louise, a friend of her Tante Atie, approaches her when she reaches the village of La Nouvelle Dame Marie. She wants to sell Sophie a pig.
  • She also tells Sophie that she's teaching Atie to read. We learn that Sophie is, in fact, a secretary—or was, before the baby was born.
  • Louise confesses that she wants to go to America and is saving up money to make a dangerous crossing on a boat. Sophie wants her to understand what a bad idea that really is.
  • Soon, Tante Atie appears and is ecstatic to see Sophie—even though she's changed a lot. Atie comments that the baby looks more like Martine's child than Sophie's.

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