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Breath, Eyes, Memory Book 3, Chapter 15

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Book 3, Chapter 15

  • The women have dinner together at Grandmè Ifé's house. Ifé takes Atie to task for going out at night to take reading lessons from Louise.
  • Atie reads to them from her "book," which is a notebook she has written in. She chooses to read out the little poem that Sophie wrote on that last Mother's Day card before she left Haiti.
  • That night, Sophie lies in bed with her daughter and thinks of Joseph. She remembers his tenderness during her pregnancy. She wants to tell Brigitte a story, like Atie used to.
  • Atie returns late in the night from her reading lessons with Louise. She seems a bit drunk and Ifé takes her to task for it. Atie doesn't care one bit.

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