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Breath, Eyes, Memory Book 3, Chapter 19

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Book 3, Chapter 19

  • Atie and her friend Louise will be travelling to the city to have their names registered in the government archives. Louise wants to make sure this is done before she leaves for the U.S.
  • Ifé disagrees with this practice. She thinks that a person worth remembering doesn't need to have her name written down in an official place.
  • Sophie takes pictures of Grandmè Ifé with baby Brigitte. Ifé tells her that cameras make her uneasy—that perhaps they take a bit of your soul, too.
  • Sophie looks through the pictures in her wallet and finds one of her wedding day. We learn that she and Joseph married a month after they'd eloped together to Providence.
  • Sophie had to recover first from the damage she'd done to herself with the pestle, when she was determined to stop her mother's virginity tests.
  • She remembers that her wedding night was still horribly painful, like the tearing she had done to herself. Brigitte was born from that first night together.
  • Back outside, Sophie watches Eliab fly his kite. Another kite kind of "attacks" his: it has glass and razors on its tail, and cuts the boy's kite free as they tangle.
  • Eliab tries to get his kite before it flies away, but he can't. Poor little guy cries at his loss.

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