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Breath, Eyes, Memory Book 3, Chapter 24

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Book 3, Chapter 24

  • Martine arrives at Grandmè Ifé's house three days later. They're all so surprised that Ifé has to hold herself up with a broom. Atie doesn't seem all that thrilled to see her.
  • Martine says that she has come to help Ifé to make her final arrangements and to see Sophie. She promises to come again and stay a long time.
  • Sophie sees that her mother looks pale and even thinner than usual.
  • Ifé commands Sophie to greet her mother, but she won't comply. It's Martine who goes to her and kisses her cheek.
  • She takes Brigitte in her arms and doesn't want to give her back when Sophie reaches for her. Martine says that she has come to end their estrangement.
  • She also says she promised Joseph to return in three days with Sophie. Sophie isn't okay with her mother making plans for her.
  • Martine tells Sophie that she wants to start their relationship over again, now that Sophie is a woman with her own family.

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