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Breath, Eyes, Memory Book 3, Chapter 25

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Book 3, Chapter 25

  • Martine hands out gifts that she brought from the U.S., along with clothes and diapers sent by Joseph to Sophie.
  • She wonders why Ifé and Atie won't move to some place more modern (i.e. with electricity, etc.), but Ifé's content to stay where she is.
  • They discuss going to the notary to draw up papers about the land and house. Atie wants to make sure that all their names are on the papers.
  • In the evening, Sophie, Martine and Atie sit outside. The older women recall the stories about stars that their mother told them when they were girls.
  • The women remember that they would fight over who the stars were winking at—Martine or Atie. Martine asks why Atie never settled down with a man, when so many courted her.
  • Atie says that she wasn't special enough, and the men moved on to other women.
  • Martine and Atie remember their father. Martine tells Atie that their father loved her best, because she was so beautiful. Atie believes that this can be a curse, too.
  • After her father dies, there is no man who thinks she's so special.

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