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Breath, Eyes, Memory Book 3, Chapter 26

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Book 3, Chapter 26

  • Martine and Ifé go to the notary and have the land divided equally among the Caco women. When they return, Ifé's in a good mood.
  • They've also done some shopping, buying a new hat for Atie so that she will look nice when they visit Ifé's priest on Sunday. But Atie isn't at home.
  • When Atie returns at dinnertime, she is sulky and won't stick around to chat with the other women in the family. Ifé thinks that Atie should return to New York with Martine.
  • But Martine knows that Atie wants to take care of their mother. Ifé feels that Atie stays with her out of duty, not love.
  • Martine tells Ifé that she wants to be buried there when she dies. Ifé encourages her to make her wishes known to Sophie and tells her that this is a good reason for the two of them to be friends.
  • That night, Martine goes into Sophie's room to watch her daughter and granddaughter sleeping. Sophie pretends to be asleep. Her old apprehension comes back from the days of "testing."
  • In the morning, Sophie learns that her mother's nightmares are worse when she's in Haiti.
  • Sophie tells her that she thought it was her face that brought the nightmares, since she probably looks like her father.
  • Martine tells her that it's something they can't fix—it's just part of her life and she has to deal with it.
  • She also says that Sophie has her own face, and that the nightmares began before her arrival.
  • Sophie demands to know why Martine performed the "tests" on her. Martine makes her promise that if she tells, Sophie can never bring it up again.
  • Martine says that she did it only because her mother did it. She also reveals that she was glad about one thing after the rape: the tests stopped. They traumatized her, too.
  • Martine also explains that Sophie saved her life by waking her during her nightmares. She wants to be friends again because of this.
  • Ifé and Martine leave the house together and return with fresh pig meat (uh oh).
  • At dinner, Atie learns that Ifé bought the pig from Louise, which gave her enough money to leave Haiti. And leave she does, without saying goodbye to Atie.
  • Atie's pretty devastated.

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