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Breath, Eyes, Memory Book 4, Chapter 30

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Book 4, Chapter 30

  • Sophie makes it back to her house in Providence, where Joseph seems very happy to see Brigitte, but a little more emotionally mixed about his wife.
  • When Sophie talks about Haiti, she calls it "home." Joseph points this out to her.
  • Joseph wants to know if they can try to put their life together again. Sophie says that they're having physical problems (i.e. no chemistry). Joseph doesn't understand the problem.
  • Sophie tries to call her mother, but she no one answers—not even the machine. She and Joseph try to get closer to one another.
  • Later that evening, she hears from her mother. Martine doesn't sound great, but she tells Sophie that she loves her.
  • Sophie tells Joseph that her mother is pregnant, and he thinks it'll be good for her to have a sib.
  • Sophie takes Brigitte for a check-up and learns that the baby's okay. The trip to Haiti didn't damage her.
  • The pediatrician tells her they'll have to keep an eye on Brigitte for a while, since there are health warnings for all the provinces in Haiti. Sophie assures her that they boiled all her water.
  • When she talks to her mother that evening, it's clear that Martine is still torn about what to do with the baby. She says that the baby is "fighting" her.
  • Martine is beginning to see her rapist in every man she meets. Once again, Sophie tells her to talk to a professional, but Martine puts her off.
  • They decide to get together on the weekend, so that Marc can meet Joseph.
  • That night, Joseph is intimate with her. Once again, Sophie practices doubling—like the Marassas or divine twins—and sends herself to her mother's side, to protect her from harm.
  • After they have sex, Sophie binge eats everything in the fridge, and then purges it all.

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