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Breath, Eyes, Memory Book 4, Chapter 31

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Book 4, Chapter 31

  • Sophie introduces us to her "sexual phobia group," a support group with two women who survived sexual violence in their youth.
  • Buki, from Ethiopia, underwent female genital mutilation. Davina had been raped by her grandfather.
  • Their meetings are very ritualistic and include dressing in long, white dresses and headscarves. Sophie shares the statue of Erzulie from her grandmother's house in Haiti.
  • They recite the serenity prayer and say "affirmations" about their beauty, strength, and empathy. Each woman engages in healing behaviors (i.e. Buki writes a letter to the grandmother who mutilated her sexual organs). They burn the names of their abusers in a candle-flame.
  • At the end of the meeting, they release a green balloon, which symbolizes life and growth.
  • Sophie understands that she and her mother are linked, even though Martine is the source of Sophie's pain.
  • When she gets home, she finds that Brigitte has learned to say "Dada." But then she learns that her mother has called and wants to speak with her.
  • But her mother seems stable when they speak, and Sophie promises that they'll come to Brooklyn that Saturday to see them.
  • Martine also tells her that she's gotten a letter from Grandmè IfĂ©, and that everything is ready for the old woman's funeral (she just wanted to make sure the arrangements were in place).
  • She also says that Atie isn't doing so well since Louise left Haiti.
  • Sophie learns that her mother hasn't yet broken the news to the family about the pregnancy.
  • She tells Sophie that she's feeling better, that she's getting used to the baby in her.
  • Sophie decides to write a letter to Tante Atie after she gets off the phone with her mother. She feels more secure writing to her now that her auntie can read for herself.
  • She imagines how it would be if Atie were there with her, reminiscing about the old times.

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