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Breath, Eyes, Memory Book 4, Chapter 33

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Book 4, Chapter 33

  • Sophie, Joseph, and Brigitte visit Martine and Marc in Brooklyn. Martine welcomes Joseph very warmly, and Sophie thinks that she's looking better.
  • Everybody gets along swimmingly, even though Martine wants to know if Joseph really makes money playing his music.
  • When Martine learns that Joseph's family's from Louisiana, she feels an immediate connection. She talks to him of the N**** spirituals that spoke to her so much when she first immigrated.
  • Martine sings her favorite spiritual to them, and then says she wants that to be sung at her funeral.
  • They have a lovely day, and when Sophie and Joseph drive back to Providence, he can't stop singing Martine's song.
  • When they get home, Sophie calls her mother. It's then that Martine tells Sophie that she plans to "get the baby out" of her. She says the baby is speaking to her in a male voice.
  • It verbally abuses her and she can't take it. Martine is also worried that somehow, there will be something of the rapist's DNA still left in her and will come out in the new child.
  • Martine ends the conversation on this troubling note.

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