Study Guide

Briar Rose Chapter 2

By Jane Yolen

Chapter 2

  • The three girls are older now. Becca's driving. They arrive at a nursing home.
  • Becca greets people as they walk through the home. She's clearly been here before. Shana and Sylvia seem impatient.
  • Finally, they arrive in Gemma's room. Gemma is very old, and clearly unwell. Still, she begins to tell a story: "Once upon a time…"
  • Gemma falls asleep almost immediately. The sisters argue as she sleeps. Shana and Sylvia are sick of hearing Gemma's fairy tales.
  • Gemma wakes up and starts to tell her story again. She gets a little further this time before drifting off to sleep again.
  • Shana and Sylvia leave. Becca stays with Gemma. Suddenly, Gemma is awake again. She tells Becca that a prince kissed her awake.
  • She's way into this fairy tale, huh?
  • Gemma makes Becca promise to find the castle. Not just promise—swear. Because—here it comes—Gemma says she is Briar Rose.
  • Um…okay?