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Brideshead Revisited Characters

By Evelyn Waugh

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Charles Ryder

Talk about an enigmatic relationship. These two meet when Sebastian pukes into Charles’s...

Lord Sebastian Flyte

Poor Sebastian. He goes from a beautiful, youthful, happy, and oblivious lad of nineteen to a...

Lady Julia Flyte

First and foremost, Julia is beautiful. Everyone defines her this way, from Anthony’s...

Lady Marchmain

Lady Marchmain seems perfectly nice, doesn’t she? She’s pious, refined, concerned for...

Lord Marchmain

Until he comes home to Brideshead Castle to die, most of what Charles (and we) knows about Lord...

Mr. Ryder (Charles’s Father)

Everything is subtext with Charles’s father. Dry, sarcastic, and slightly mean subtext, but...

Anthony Blanche

Anthony Blanche is one of the most colorful characters you’ll meet in Shmoop Literature. "A...

The Earl of Brideshead

Brideshead is an unusual and unique individual with "a gravity and restraint" beyond his years....

Lady Cordelia Flyte

If you’ve read any of our other "Character Analyses," you know by now that Cordelia is one...

Mr. Samgrass of All Souls

Samgrass is the fly in the Oxford ointment. He’s like long-distance parenting for Sebastian...

Rex Mottram

It’s easy to see why Julia is drawn to Rex. He’s a bit older and more mature than the...

Boy Mulcaster

Boy Mulcaster is essentially an ill-mannered rich kid. When Anthony tells the story of him and...

Celia Mulcaster

Charles keeps us in the dark for ages about the identity of his wife. He doesn’t even...


Kurt is Sebastian’s German friend whom he takes up with once he leaves England. We first...


Ryder’s new platoon commander.


Charles’s servant at Oxford.


The man from whom Sebastian borrows a car. Repeatedly.


Charles’s overbearing cousin, who attends Oxford and is a few years older than Charles.

Mr. Collins

Mr. Collins is one of Charles’s first term friends at Oxford.

Mr. Partridge

Mr. Partridge is one of Charles’s first term Oxford friends.


Hobson is Sebastian’s servant at Oxford.

Duc de Vincennes

Duc de Vincennes is the man whose wife (Stefanie) Anthony claims to have had a thing with.


The Duchess Anthony claims to have had a thing with.

Sir Adrian Porson

Sir Adrian Porson is a pet and an acquaintance of Lady Marchmain.

Monsignor Bell

One of Lady Marchmain’s people at Oxford. Monsignor Bell terrorizes Sebastian.


Hayer is a servant at the Ryder home.


Charles’s cousin. Melchior once ran out of money and had to run to Australia, or so Mr....

Mrs. Abel

Mrs. Abel is the cook at the Ryder home.


Mr. Ryder’s sister. Phillipa lived with her brother and Charles after Charles’s...


One of Charles’s boyhood friends.

Sir Cuthbert

An old friend and dinner guest of Mr. Ryder’s. His presence is designed specifically to...

Lady Orme-Herrick

An old friend and dinner guest of Mr. Ryder’s. Her presence is designed specifically to...

Miss Gloria Orme-Herrick

An old friend and dinner guest of Mr. Ryder’s. Her presence is designed specifically to...


The butler at Brideshead Castle.

Father Phipps

A priest that comes by Brideshead estate during the summer.

Francis Xavier

Cordelia’s pig.


Lord Marchmain’s valet in Venice.


Lady Marchmain’s deceased brother.

Fanny Rosscommon

Lady Marchmain’s sister-in-law. Julia later refers to her as her aunt, Lady Rosscommon.


Borethus is the guy Rex knows in Zurich who can supposedly cure alcoholism.

Charlie Kilcartney

Charlie Kilcartney is the guy that Borethus supposedly cured of alcoholism.

The Strickland-Venables

The neighboring family to the Flytes.

Brenda Champion

Rex’s bit o’ stuff (or mistress).

Father Mowbray

The priest who converts Rex to Catholicism so he can marry Julia.

Aunt Betty

One of Cordelia’s aunts.

Sarah Evangeline Cutler

Rex’s first wife.

Jean de Brissac la Motte

The fake name of a "Belgian futurist" who hangs out with Charles and his friends during the...

Nada Alopov

One of Anthony’s friends in Marseilles, who provides something "more intoxicating" than...

Jean Luxmore

One of Anthony’s friends who visits this Alopov character.

Bill Meadow

Charles and Boy join Meadow’s flying squad in London.


Celia and Charles’s son.


Celia and Charles’s daughter.

Bertha Van Halt

Caroline Ryder's godmother.

Sir Joseph Emden

The architect commissioned by Celia to turn the barn into a studio for Charles.

Mrs. Stuyvesant Oglander

One of the guests at Celia’s party aboard the ship. Later Mrs. Stuyvesant Oglander turns...

Mr. Kramm

The Hollywood man at Celia’s party.

Senator Stuyvesant Oglander

The Senator sits with Charles and Celia at the Captain’s table at dinner aboard the ship.


A friend of Celia’s who throws a party after Charles’s private exhibition.


The man who hits on Charles and/or Anthony at the seedy bar.


A woman who keeps company with Rex and his crowd; Charles calls her a "rake."

Beryl Muspratt

Brideshead’s eventual wife.


Celia’s rebound boyfriend after her separation from Charles.

The Superior

The head monk at the monastery in Tunis which takes in Sebastian.

Father Mackay

The priest Brideshead gets to give his father the last rites.

The Quartering Commandant

The army officer who shows Charles around Brideshead estate in the novel’s epilogue.

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