Study Guide

Prince Terrien in Bridge to Terabithia

By Katherine Paterson

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Prince Terrien

That's right – you have to be a pretty cool pooch to get your own "Character Analysis" on Shmoop. Today's featured pup is Prince Terrien, the free dog Jess gets to give Leslie as a Christmas present. While Jess had agonized over not being able to afford something really special, the puppy – who didn't cost anything – is the most special gift of all. Leslie loves him right away and names him Prince Terrien. P.T., as they call him, is a source of joy and delight. He accompanies them to Terabithia – and everywhere, really, except school – and plays both court jester and royal nobleman when required. P.T. is also the only witness to Leslie's death and becomes a way for other characters like Jess and Bill to stay connected to her after she's gone.

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