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Bridge to Terabithia Chapter 12

By Katherine Paterson

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Chapter 12


  • They go over to the Burkes', and find other people already there. P.T. is so glad to see Jess. They go into the gold room that Leslie helped paint.
  • Leslie's grandmother comes over to them, but then breaks down crying and has to leave.
  • Jess is relieved, because seeing everyone crying is upsetting, because he's not crying. He realizes he'll be "special" at school because his friend died, and wonders what Leslie will be buried in.
  • Leslie's dad comes in and hugs Jess, crying, before telling him that Leslie loved him and thanking him for being her friend.
  • Jess thinks about how Leslie would have made fun of this, but then her dad says that she's going to be cremated.
  • Suddenly, Jess realizes that she is really gone, and becomes even more angry and sad.
  • He thinks that she betrayed him by opening his eyes to this new realm and then abandoning him there.
  • He runs home angrily, and hits May Belle when she asks whether he saw the body. He goes to get his Christmas present from Leslie – paints and paper – and runs to the edge of Terabithia. He sees the rope and thinks that there's no more running competition; then he yells and throws the present into the water.
  • His father comes up and comforts him, and Jess cries and says he hates Leslie. When Jess reveals he's worried that Leslie went to hell, his father reassures him that she didn't and Jess calms down a bit.
  • They go home, and people are nicer to him, although May Belle is upset.
  • Leslie's dad comes over and asks if Jess can watch P.T. while they go to Pennsylvania. Having P.T. around makes Jess feel better.

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