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Bridge to Terabithia Chapter 5

By Katherine Paterson

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Chapter 5

The Giant Killers

  • Leslie and Jess have lots of imaginary enemies in Terabithia, but in real life they have to face Janice Avery. She and her buddies go around bullying everyone.
  • Jess can't stop her from bullying May Belle. Their dad brings May Belle Twinkies from town and she brags about it on the bus. Jess isn't surprised at all when the big bully Janice immediately snags them. He can't do anything to stop her. May Belle calls him "yeller" (5.16) or a coward.
  • Leslie smoothes things over, saying Jess can't beat Janice up – the odds are stacked against him – but they'll figure out another way to get revenge for the Twinkies. They promise.
  • At Terabithia they plan a way to "ma[k]e a fool of" Janice (5.36) – Leslie says that's the best way to get her back.
  • Leslie thinks they should write her a love letter from Willard Hughes, whom Janice has a crush on; she'll tell people and get really embarrassed.
  • Jess teases her, and Leslie tells him about Hamlet, while he imagines what he could paint.
  • The next day they have to sneak around to deliver the letter. Leslie is lookout and distracts Mrs. Pierce while Jess finds the right desk and plants the letter for Janice.
  • At recess they realize she got the letter and are all proud.
  • On the bus ride home, Janice's friend Wilma tells everyone Janice has a date with Willard, and another boy, Billy, says that's a total lie. They have a big fight.
  • In Terabithia, Jess and Leslie feel a little bad, but not really. The next day, May Belle knows they defended her, and she's proud – even though it has to stay a secret.

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