Study Guide

Brokeback Mountain Choices

By Annie Proulx

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In "Brokeback Mountain," Ennis and Jack do have a choice. They can choose to be together, or they can remain apart. Other than that, they don't have many choices at all. And of course, the factors that determine the consequences of that one choice they have are entirely beyond their control. 1960s rural Wyoming is not exactly a place brimming with opportunity, and that lack of choice might explain why they're so reluctant to pull the trigger on their love.

Questions About Choices

  1. How much of Jack and Ennis's love is dictated by choices and how much is out of their hands?
  2. Do the two have any real choices when it comes to being together? Could they have found another path that might have made them happier?
  3. How do the choices of supporting characters affect Jack and Ennis?
  4. How do Jack and Ennis's choices differentiate them from each other?

Chew on This

Jack and Ennis have real choices in their life; they simply make the wrong ones.

Jack and Ennis have no choices and struggle futilely against their lack of options.

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