Study Guide

Amy Moscowitz in Bronx Masquerade

By Nikki Grimes

Amy Moscowitz

People don't really like Amy. To be fair, she makes it kind of hard for them to: ever since Amy's mom left her family, she's had to toughen herself up:

Two years ago I got sick at school and [my dad] was called in to take me to the hospital. Apparently I had appendicitis. I was doubled over with pain, tears streaming down my face, and he wouldn't even put his arm around me. He just walked beside me, stiff as a two-by-four, asking "Are you okay?" every couple of minutes. Jerk.

Would it have killed him to touch me? To help me up the hospital stairs? Never mind. I won't bother needing anyone like that again. (50.2-3)

Okay, so while we get that she's a tough nut, it isn't because she always was—her dad's pretty much made her harden her heart. And there are ways in which Amy's right. Sometimes it is easier not to feel things, and pushing people away keeps you from getting hurt. Thing is, it also stops you from having any friends and meaningful connections. Amy might not want to hurt, but she does want to enjoy friendship. She's jealous when she sees other girls hanging out together; she has no one to talk to and it's not fun.

Here's hoping she will try to open up, even just a little bit. We think the risk is worth it.