Study Guide

Bronx Masquerade Chapter 11-15

By Nikki Grimes

Chapter 11-15

Diondra Jordan

  • Diondra wishes she were as brave as Raul. He shows off his paintings to anyone, but Diondra just hides hers away—only her friend Tanisha knows she's into art.
  • It's hard because Diondra's dad isn't exactly supportive of her artistic inclinations either. He'd much rather she played basketball.
  • Since she's six feet tall, everyone seems to think a career in the WBNA be nice.
  • But Diondra is awful at basketball; she's a total klutz. That's because she's an artist.
  • Maybe she'll paint her own self-portrait and hang it on Mr. Ward's classroom wall. It'll be Diondra next to an easel with a basketball jersey in the trash. Will anyone even notice?

Open Mike: If

  • In Diondra's poem, she wonders how people would react if she painted different things.
  • Would they like her art? Would they enjoy her creations? She just doesn't know.


  • Diondra speeds through her poem because she's so nervous, but Tyrone tells her to slow down. He assures her that no one will make fun of her in Mr. Ward's room.
  • Some new kids read poems, too. Everyone's pretty nervous, but all in all it's good. Open Mike Friday is getting better every week.

Devon Hope

  • Devon is a jock… or at least that's what people think he should be. It's not that he minds playing basketball; he just doesn't want to do it all the time.
  • He likes reading, too, but since other guys don't quite get it, he hides his books and plays the role of the dumb jock.
  • Devon doesn't have time for jerks like Wesley and Tyrone to make fun of him. Why do they even bother coming to school anyway? They could care less. Except in Mr. Ward's class.
  • In the library, Devon runs into Janelle Battle who passes him a book.
  • Sure, Janelle might be a little on the chubby side, but the girl has brains. And she doesn't ever try hiding it.
  • Maybe Devon should just trying being himself, too.

Open Mike: Bronx Masquerade

  • Devon's poem is about his true self. People only see a guy who plays basketball, but there's so much more to him.