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The Brothers Karamazov Book 10, Chapter 7

By Fyodor Dostoevsky

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Book 10, Chapter 7


  • OK, this is maybe the saddest part of the whole book, so get your Kleenex ready.
  • The famous doctor, who obviously thinks he is way too important to visit a poor family like the Snegiryovs, condescendingly states that the only way the family can be saved is if they move – Ilyusha to Sicily, the daughter and the mother to the Caucasus, and the mother to Paris.
  • His contempt angers Kolya, who threatens the doctor with an attack from Perezvon, but Alyosha calms Kolya down. Kolya returns to the room and the doctor leaves in a huff.
  • Snegiryov tries to reassure Ilyusha, but Ilyusha already knows that nothing can be done and that there's no cure. He pulls both Kolya and Snegiryov to his tiny, consumptive body in a hug.
  • Everybody is crying at this point. He tells Snegiryov that when he dies – sniff – Snegiryov should find another boy to be friends with – sniff – and just please don't ever forget him – sniff – just visit his grave once in a while.
  • Sob.
  • Kolya can't fight the tears, so he leaves the room. Kolya heads home, and Alyosha leaves as well.

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