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The Brothers Karamazov Book 12, Chapter 14

By Fyodor Dostoevsky

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Book 12, Chapter 14

Our Peasants Stood Up For Themselves

  • The end of Fetyukovich's speech is greeted with loud applause from the courtroom. But Kirillovich is indignant and in his hurried response takes Fetyukovich to task for invoking the Gospel, for insulting Kirillovich's use of psychology, and for inventing fantastic and unbelievable explanations for Dmitri's and Smerdyakov's behavior.
  • Fetyukovich responds to these accusations in a calm and reasonable way.
  • The judge then asks Dmitri if he has anything to say. Dmitri again stresses his innocence and asks for the mercy of the court.
  • The judge then briefly lectures the jury, the jury retires, and the audience in the courtroom discusses the speeches.
  • After exactly an hour, the jury returns with a verdict: guilty of all charges, with no extenuating circumstances.
  • Dmitri cries out and Grushenka screams. Dmitri is taken away. The sentencing is to take place the next day.

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