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The Brothers Karamazov Book 2, Chapter 8

By Fyodor Dostoevsky

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Book 2, Chapter 8


  • While Alyosha was helping Zosima in his cell, Miusov, Kalganov, and Ivan proceeded on to the Father Superior's. Miusov had just finished apologizing for Fyodor's behavior when Fyodor popped in. Fyodor had been planning on skipping the lunch, having caused enough commotion already, but in his carriage he had changed his mind and decided he had a couple more tricks up his sleeve.
  • Fyodor at first accuses Maximov the landowner of being somebody else – some dude named von Sohn who, according to Fyodor, had died a grotesque death in a brothel.
  • Next, Fyodor attacks the Father Superior and the monastery in general. He accuses them of stealing the peasants' money and spending it on lavish spreads like the dinner they're about to enjoy. He also accuses them of turning his second wife, the "shrieker" (Ivan and Alyosha's mother) against him.
  • During these tirades, the Father Superior's only reaction is to thank Fyodor for giving them all a dose of humility, which Fyodor ignores.
  • Miusov can't stand Fyodor's behavior anymore and leaves, followed by Kalganov.
  • Fyodor also leaves, demanding that Alyosha leave the monastery as well. Ivan follows Fyodor. As they get into their carriage, the landowner Maximov comes running after, thinking that the real party's with Fyodor. But Ivan pushes him away from the carriage and orders the driver to leave.
  • In their carriage, Fyodor tries to get Ivan to talk, but Ivan coldly ignores him.

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