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Burn Setting

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Inside of the Dome and Outside of the Dome

Things ain't the way they used to be inside and outside of the Dome.

Outside of the Dome used to be a wasteland, but now it's a barren wasteland. (Woo!) Special Forces from inside the Dome torch the land outside the Dome, and now there are mass graves everywhere they turn.

But inside of the Dome isn't doing so hot either. Ever since Partridge revealed the truth to the whole community, a mass movement of suicides erupted. The streets now have white blotches on the ground to mark where people struck the pavement, and a general sense of anxiety and fear lingers.

We spend most of our time sympathizing with the wretches during Baggott's trilogy, but the state of anarchy inside the Dome makes us see how haunted the Pures really are. They finally realize that they've been living a lieā€¦ and they can't handle that truth.

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