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Beckley in Burn

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The Best Man

Interestingly enough, Partridge's bodyguard, Beckley, becomes a very real and captivating character as the book goes on. Though on the surface he's just like Hastings — carrying out orders and keeping a stiff upper lip — Beckley actually shares some unbelievable nuggets of wisdom.

Partridge has the nerve to ask Beckley about love, seeing that Beckley likes to chime in every once in a while:

"You think you'll fall in love again one day?"
He straightens Partridge's bow tie. "I sure as hell hope not."

Now that's the sign of a hardened man. Beckley was old enough to be married during the Before, so his love probably died in the Detonations.

Overall, Beckley is a man wise beyond his years, most likely because he's so desensitized. Check out what he says to Pressia when she doubts him:

"I don't believe you."
"Maybe that's your first lesson. You shouldn't believe anyone in here."

This guy is just filled with awesome one-liners—it's no surprise Partridge picks him as his best man at the wedding.

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