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Burn Revenge

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Chapter 5

She knew that he meant he wanted to make this wrong thing the source of something right. (5.18)

Two wrongs don't make a right, y'all. Revenge can be fulfilling, but it's usually not the ethical thing to do.

Chapter 6

"I want peace, Beckley. That's what I'm after. In here and out there."

"And that's usually paid for in blood," Beckley says. (6.68)

Partridge's wants to get revenge on his bloodthirsty father, making his revenge a form of peace. But he can't have peace without more bloodshed. It's a very, very bloody Catch-22.

Chapter 8

"What's more selfish? Your desire to make yourself whole or revenge?" (8.98)

Trouble in paradise between Pressia and Bradwell: what he might actually be missing here is that Pressia's desire to make herself whole manifests as a sort of revenge.

The man who ordered his parents' assassinations is dead, and Bradwell didn't get to play a role. There's no justice in it. (8.32)

Ever feel like you deserve revenge sometimes? Bradwell feels like it would be justified for him to kill Willux, so when he isn't the one who off Willux, he feels upset. Just be happy the dude's dead, Bradwell.

Chapter 13

The land itself is alive—hatefully alive. Maybe vengefulness is part of all of them. (13.63)

Think about being a Dust in this trilogy: you've been fused to the ground, and all you can really do now is try to kill. Wouldn't you feel pretty angry and vengeful?

Chapter 21

He punches the cold ground with his fists. He feels the desire for revenge pulsing through him. (21.24)

In Burn, even the ground is malicious.

Chapter 38

"Is the Dome getting retribution then? Is that what these killings and fires are about?" (38.15)

So the wretches want revenge on the Dome for the Detonations, but the Dome wants revenge on the wretches for corrupting Partridge and Lyda. Can't we all just get along?

Chapter 53

For a vengeful second, he thinks, Let them beat me to death. Let them beat their hate into me. (53.34)

This is a pretty wild moment: El Capitan actually wants the angry mob to get their revenge on him. We can view this as a warped version of repentance.

Chapter 58

She looks at El Capitan, his face mottled with bruises. "So they finally got their revenge."
"Maybe not all of it," El Capitan says. (58.21)

El Capitan got the snot kicked out of him, but the real revenge would have been if they killed him. It's not exactly an eye for an eye… it's more like a black eye for an eye.

"Mrs. Foresteed killing Mr. Foresteed. I confess, some aspects of war can be very intimate." (58.53)

Ah, the best revenge we don't get to see. It turns out that Our Good Mother used to be Foresteed's wife, and she's out for revenge. We can pretty much assume she gets it.

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