Study Guide

Burn Chapter 1

By Julianna Baggott

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Chapter 1

Pressia (Key)

  • A reminder of where we left off with Pressia and the gang: to save his life, Pressia just injected Bradwell with the serum inside one of her mother's vials. Oh, and they're in Ireland and they just found the ingredients for "the formula."
  • Fast-forward about a month from this last incident — Pressia's in a hospital, being told to rest and eat by pregnant ladies whose bodies emanate a golden color.
  • Pretty much your average week.
  • Apparently since we last left them, Bartrand Kelly (a man Pressia found while searching for the formula) confiscated everything they had. Bummer.
  • But the caretakers say that he's true to his word and will tell them everything soon. So that's good at least.
  • Also, Pressia's starting to turn gold too; the caretakers are feeding her food with a substance in it that makes her immune to the carnivorous vines. Remember, those vines almost killed El Capitan and Bradwell?
  • Pressia's chief caretaker, Fedelma, tells her that Bradwell's been walking around outside lately, which is sort of against the rules.
  • Typical of Pressia, she gets frustrated and runs outside the hospital to find Bradwell.
  • She runs into a tower that overlooks the airship, and she finds him walking downhill with Fignan, his walking box.
  • Fedelma convinces her to come down, though, because Bartrand Kelly wants to talk to everyone.

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